The Fawn

I open my eyes as I awake from my sleep.
I do not move, no word do I speak.
I listen close for any sound.
Then lift my head and look around.

I sniff the air and smell my Mother.
She's standing there, with my twin brother.
Now I will stand and go to see,
If she still has some milk for me.

I drink my fill, then start to eat,
Some clover flowers that taste so sweet.
Our Mother says we've grown so strong,
And so with her we can go along.

So quietly now we follow her,
And careful not a twig to stir.
Directly through the woods she goes,
Always sniffing the air with her nose.

Now in a clearing with a different scent.
She is not afraid, so on we went.
Under a tree she stops to eat.
So many things that are so sweet.

Suddenly I look up to see,
Something with eyes looking back at me.
What ever it is, it must be ok,
Because Mother didn't say for us to run away.

She says it's safe for us right here.
Here we can eat and have no fear.
When darkness comes, back here we'll be,
To eat again under that tree.

Written by Poca

music: Love Will Keep Us Alive