A Visitor

Grandfather, please, won't you come in,
And sit with me today?
Grandfather, can you tell me why,
My friend has gone away?

Oh yes, I know, I have a smudge,
Of spruce, mixed with some pine,
And yes, I know, mullien is best,
But that I could not find.

Grandfather, was I ever bad,
In my life so long ago?
That I am being punished still,
The kind that doesn't show?

Yes, Grandfather, I'm always good,
And do the things you say.
But I don't know why it doesn't help,
My friend still went away.

Grandfather, yes, please let me see,
What you brought to show this time.
I will look close, and try real hard,
The meanings I will find.

If I did everything I should do,
Why do I feel so bad?
It is not fair that I still lost,
The ony friend I had.

Yes, I know there is a reason,
For what I bear on earth.
But sometimes I still wonder,
If my life still has some worth.

I know, Grandfather, you must go,
I enjoyed our talk, it's true.
But I just hope that someday soon,
You will take me home... with you.

Written by Poca

music: Native Visions