With You

As you look upon the ocean,
When the sun comes up at dawn,
Know that I'm there with you,
On your right, where I belong.

See me in a flower,
As you pick a lovely bloom,
Smell the floral scent,
And remember my perfume.

Hear the singing of a bird,
As it sits up in a tree,
That song is not just from a bird,
It is my sweet song to thee.

When you feel the summer sun,
Warmly shining on your face,
It's not the summer sun you feel,
It's just my warm embrace

Hear me calling out your name,
When the ocean hits the shore,
And in a gentle forest breeze,
You can hear me call once more.

When day is done, before you sleep,
Just look up into the sky,
To see the stars that shine so bright,
As they twinkle in my eye.

In everything you see and feel,
From now, your whole life through,
Remember, I'm not far away,
I'm forever there with you.

Written by Poca
music: There I'll Be