When I was but a child,
In years just five plus two,
An old man there appeared,
He said, "Hello, how are you?
There are things I came to show you."
And then he waved his hand.
He showed me things yet coming,
Thus a seer's life began.

But I was just a child,
And I didn't have a clue,
Of what a seer is,
And what I was supposed to do.
This spirit comes on silent feet,
In daytime or at night.
The first few always were of death,
And gave me such a fright.

When I was older I tried to run,
From the things I was to see,
But I soon learned that didn't work,
Because I was still there with me.
So now I try to learn,
What everything could mean,
When the spirit waves his hand,
And his pictures I have seen.

Sometimes I do not understand,
What the spirit shows to me.
At other times it's clear,
As clear as it can be.
So all the while I'm learning,
Since I was five plus two.
I'll learn what the spirit teaches,
Until I'm a spirit too.

Painting by Mistyglo
Poem by Poca
music: Native Spirit