A big bird with many in it's womb,
Struck a building with a boom.
As we look into the sky,
Wondering why so many have to die.

Then another bird there came,
Into the second tower maimed.
Such innocents aboard these birds,
Many voices no longer will be heard.

Innocents again are taken with fright,
Plunged into our nations might.
Then innocents in bird number four,
Are crashed into the earth once more.

All that are lost to us this day,
Leave us in pain, as Angels take them away.
On our knees to pray and cry,
We know not the reasons why.

The people here are brave and true,
We open up our arms to you.
A sleeping giant we were called in days of yore,
Now the giant will awake once more.

Those clenched in the devil's claw, beware,
We will find you, no matter where.
Then you will not feel so swell,
When we send you straight to hell!

All races, colors, and genders today,
Will help each other, that is our way.
The U.S.A. will stand straight and tall,

                                                Written by Pocs
music: God Bless America