September Souls

One clear morn in September,
The gates were opened wide.
Then everything made ready,
For many souls to come inside.

Some souls were big and strong,
Very masculine you see,
While other souls were smaller,
Soft and gentle souls they be.

There were some souls so tiny,
Not yet grown, they were so small.
But there size just doesn't matter,
Because God loves them all.

The act, not of Gods choosing,
But of choices made by man.
We don't know why they chose it,
I guess, just because they can.

Set free were souls all colors,
And all religions too.
They were all shapes and sizes,
And some that were brand new.

But God cares not in what mannor,
Each soul had knelt to pray.
He loves them all and takes them,
Inside His gate this day.

The angels came to guide them,
Above the clouds of white,
Into the gates of heaven,
Before the dark of night.

People of all nations,
Will shed many a tear,
Because they're filled with sadness,
For the souls no longer here.

But remember, they're with the angels,
Looking down through the blue and green.
They will always be watching o'er us,
And in our hearts, still can be seen.


music: Flute Of Peace