She was just an old scruffy gal,
That spent her life without a pal.
Many a fine fox had passed her way,
But none had ever stopped to play.

All by herself since before she was grown,
What little she knew, she had learned all alone.
No fox wanted her, and that was ok,
She took all those feelings and tucked them away.

Then one spring evening, when she thought it's to late,
She looked up and saw him by the old garden gate.
With a tilt of his head and a gleam in his eye,
He looked right straight at her, but she didn't know why.

He knew how to hunt, how to play, how to hide,
With him, no emotion was hidden inside.
She tried to learn fast, as the days slipped away,
And she knew that with her, he really didn't want to stay.

He was so kind and caring, a wonderful friend,
She wished it was more, but she couldn't pretend.
She would bring him a mouse, or a small scrap of meat,
And he always, kindly, accepted her treat.

When she would curl into a ball, and shut her eyes tight,
She would dream that he wanted to snuggle all night.
But as she opened her eyes at the start of the day,
She knew, with her, he didn't want to stay.

Soon the season will change, and there will be snow,
His back he will turn, and off he will go.
But for now she is happy to hunt and to play,
And she lovingly brings him a fresh mouse each day.

No longer a lonely and scruffy old gal,
She holds her head high, all because of her pal.
She can cherish each day, and not want them to end,
And she's so thankful for her wonderful friend.

For the rest of her days, what she learned she will keep,
And she'll dream of his friendship each night in her sleep.
Her life has been changed by her wonderful pal,
Never again will she be just a scruffy old gal.

Scruffy Fox
music: M-Wind