I'm Blessed

My life was hard,
My youth was spent,
On for the young,
Things never meant.
But I had a life,
Or so it seemed,
And happiness,
Was just a dream.

When I thought,
My life was done,
God sent to me,
The perfect one.
He smiled at me,
My life began.
God sent to me,
A helping hand.

He gives me love,
And now I see,
The wonders in,
Each day there be.
Oh, there are rocks,
Along this road.
But it is not,
A heavy load.

I see the joy,
In each new day,
And pray his love,
For me will stay.
Some think because,
It's not for long,
That I should have,
No happy song.

But what we have,
Is true and deep,
Each day I take,
Inside and keep.
I can not tell you,
How I feel.
I have such joy,
I'm blessed for real.

I think, perhaps,
The hurt and pain,
Were there,
So when the blessing came,
I'd know that I,
Had passed the test,
And know that I,
Am truly blessed.
music: Keeper Of Stars