A Season

Perhaps there is a season,
That makes you feel so sad,
For things that might have been,
Or what you wish you had.

Every year it is the same,
Much emptiness and pain,
On your face you wear a smile,
Inside tears fall like rain.

Everyone has so much fun,
And you should have fun too,
So you join in and try to laugh,
It's all that you can do.

Perhaps someday, you'll find someone,
That makes you feel so glad,
And fills you with such joy inside,
There is no room for sad.

You know his thoughts will be of you,
He'll show he cares today,
And if your not together,
He will send a kiss your way.

Now when that season rolls around,
Even if you are apart,
Your smile is real, you join the fun,
Because he has your heart.

music: Travels