Early Show

My eyes will open before the start of the day,
I jump out of bed, and start on my way.
Quickly I shower, then grab the clothes I will wear,
The soft breeze in the forest calls me out there.
The sky starts out pink, then to yellows, then golds,
Soon the bright blues take over as it's beauty unfolds.
The sun coming up sets the sky all aglow,
To the woods I will hurry, to a place that I know.
On a log I will sit, as the birds start to sing,
I smile as I wonder what this morning will bring.
As I look out on the meadow, I hear by the brook,
The snap of a twig, and quickly I look.
A doe standing so quiet, so still, so straight,
Slowly looks around, sniffs the air, then  waits.
A twitch of her tail, and her twins now appear.
To run, jump, and play in the crisp morning air.
For an hour I watch, mesmerized by their play,
Then the doe stomps her foot, and they all run away.
While I have seen nothing, nor have I heard a sound,
But I know there is something, I stay quiet, look around.
A few minutes later I hear over there,
The huffing and grunting of a mother bear.
Her cub she is bringing right down to the brook.
For his first fishing lesson, without a line or a hook.
He makes me grin as he splashes around,
While his mother gets a fish, without making a sound.
He splashes and tumbles, has a twig for a toy,
Energetic and playful, this bear baby boy.
Mom goes on with the lesson, though it appears he don't see,
But he has fun while he's watching, this is how it should be.
When the lesson has ended, and her breakfast is gone,
To the woods she is headed, and he tags along.
I watch rabbits and birds,and a bright butterfly,
And a lonely coyote that slowly strolls by.
My time here is over for this bright new day,
One last look around, then I slip away.
But someday I'll return to this place that I know,
To sit quiet and watch a brand new early show

Written by Poca
music: Chariot Of Fire