Dream On The Wind

In the dark of night,
When the moon is high,
That's when my spirit,
Wants to fly.
Out of my body,
Through the top of my head,
Then hovers above me,
As I lie in my bed.

Then it slips out the window,
And goes high in the sky,
Turns to face south,
Then fast it will fly.
It flys over deep water,
Big cities and plains,
Over tall trees and valleys,
Even passes through rain.

When the air feels much warmer,
And the Gulf breezes blow,
Then it starts to descend,
To the ground down below.
It drifts on the breeze,
To a house it will seek,
Where love draws it over,
To the window to peek.

And there in a bed,
Is the one it must find,
Who's heart is so gracious,
So loving, so kind.
My spirit is content,
To watch from out here,
'Til the night has been spent,
And daybreak is near.

Then it's up to the sky,
For a fast return flight,
Over cities and valleys,
Before the first rays of light.
Then back through my window,
Through the top of my head,
And I wake with a smile,
As I get out of bed.

No longer asleep,
Yet not fully awake,
A faint memory lingers,
Of the trip I did take.
Morning coffee will rid me,
Of my dreams of the night,
Now I'm rested and ready,
For my day in sunlight.
music: Power Of Love