Wawasayg I see you,
Dancing in the sky.
Your beauty is a wonder,
For creatures such as I.

Last night your dress was green,
Tonight its mostly blue,
Your red one is so lovely,
And white looks good on you.

You dance in many colors,
You  swirl and move about.
How you move so quietly,
I have not figured out.

So I just look in wonder,
A smile upon my face,
And watch your dance of beauty,
Swaying with such grace.

Sometimes you move in slow motion,
Your steady march across the sky.
Sometimes you move so quickly,
With streaks that jump so high.

The spirits must have sent you,
Their message must be told.
You say it in a whisper,
With colors bright and bold.

Perhaps that's what your saying,
With many colors in the sky,
That we can live together,
All creatures, if we only try.

Written by Poca

music: Irish2