New King

The ways of Mother Nature,
Are not always the ways of man,
But plants and animals live and die,
By these rules we try to understand.

The strong and fit will rule,
The weak ones sometimes fall,
Only the best can pass on their strength,
The best one will be King of them all.

Grandfather deer so big and strong,
Each challenge he has met,
Every fall a young buck fights him,
But he's the best one yet.

I watch him through my window,
So big and strong and fair,
While the does just go on eating,
They do not seem to care.

This year it just seemed different,
As my friend began to fight,
His legs seemed a little weaker,
As he fought upon this night.

I know the laws of nature,
Thou it makes me very sad,
Grandpa lost the battle,
Thou he gave it all he had.

Then he left my yard forever,
Without a backward look,
A tear upon my cheek,
As I watched him cross the brook.

I know his strength will go on,
For that is natures way,
Wolf pups will grow much stronger,
But I am sad this day.

As they raise a song to honor,
The one no longer here,
I nod my head in greeting,
To a proud New King this year.

music: Cerosimo