Angel Child

Sweet angel child was sent to earth,
So you would know what love is worth,
A child of love, an angel soul,
A babe so sweet you do behold.
A love not known to you before,
Was sent to knock upon your door.
Awaken now this love you feel,
Remember now this love so real.

The plans you made for future bright,
Were taken from you on this night.
Tho sometimes you just can't see,
Don't know His reason why,
Can't understand why such innocence,
Should suffer and should die.
Deep sadness seeps into your heart,
This pain, you think, will not depart.

Tho just a short time on this earth,
There is a reason for this birth.
God sent this child to you this day,
To take your fears of death away.
Such innocence, this precious gift,
Was meant to give your heart a lift.
So pure and sweet this gift of love,
Now it shines down from up above.

Overcome the deep down pain,
And look at love from whence it came.
Weep not for one gone from your sight,
For waiting on some distant night,
An angel child will watch for you,
And when the gates you have passed through,
The joy you feel from God above,
Will fill your heart with pure, sweet love.

Written by Poca
music: I Believe2