The stars above shine with such light,
Upon this warm, dark summer night.
Small fireflys blink off and on,
As they circle o'er the pond.
A bullfrog with his loud, loud croak,
"The night hawk missed", he seems to boast.
Then suddenly a wolf did cry,
Warns me to look into the sky.
As I look up, old Thunder reigns,
His growl now shakes my window panes
He grumbles loud and oh so long,
This old one sings to me his song.
With kindness deep within his heart,
He sounds so gruff, but he's all bark.
Then Lightning from his throne so high,
Streaks quiet strength across the sky.
Bright flash, then flash, and flash again,
His brilliance seems to have no end.
No man made show with bursting bright,
Can match what I see on this night.
No breeze is blowing like before,
To rustle leaves outside my door.
For half an hour this light did reign,
Before I saw a drop of rain.
So softly this rain fell to earth,
To quench my flowers mighty thirst.
For twenty minutes it came down,
And quietly soaked into the ground.
So fast it came, so fast it went,
And now it's energy has been spent.
Smile on my lips, my face aglow,
For I, alone, did see this show.
Now once again the stars are bright,
Upon this warm, dark summer night.
Fast Storm
music: Walrus