Sweet Mornings

Summer means sweet mornings,
At least it does to me,
I take my cup of coffee,
And to the gazebo I then flee.
Walking through a sea of diamonds,
As the dew shines in the sun,
My hair is slightly ruffled,
As a soft breeze has begun.
The air smells fresh and clean,
From the rain that fell last night,
But no puddles can be seen,
For they've all soaked out of sight.
Then I see Mrs Robin,
With her mouth so full of food,
Looking up into the rafters,
In her nest I see her brood.
I greet her as she feeds them,
And she never has a fit,
But I think I'll leave the gazebo,
And just sit outside a bit.
She knows I will not harm them,
She will feed them with me there,
But they should not trust all people,
So they should learn to beware.
The garden bench is comfy,
And it's shaded by a tree,
As I sit and gaze in wonder,
At all there is to see.
In the garden there are roses,
I can smell their scent so sweet,
The butterflies and hummers,
Think they're a special treat.
A butterfly leaves the rose bush,
And lands not far away,
And I watch as three young rabbits,
Have all come out to play.
There's a blue jay in the feeder,
And a squirrel sits on the ground,
They both gobble up the bird seed,
That's been scattered all around.
Then the rabbits stop to listen,
Makes me wonder what they hear,
We all look at the forest,
And then I see a deer.
Mother deer now brings her baby,
For some corn that's on the ground,
She acts like she don't see me,
But she knows that I'm around.
All to soon sweet mornings over,
Time to go on with my day,
And I know sweet mornings ended,
When my friends have gone away.
But I'm never sad and gloomy,
No I never shed a tear,
For tomorrow brings another,
New sweet morning right out here.
music: Sunshine On Shoulder