Long ago there was born a boy,
Who's life would not be full of joy.
He was chosen from his birth,
To give his people all his worth.
When just a young man a mountain he'd climb,
To fast and pray and give of his time.
In meditation a voice then came,
Telling him what to do, calling him by name.
He only wished to live quietly,
But he was told this would never be.
He knew inside what he must do,
Because his heart was pure and true.
Wealth and power he wanted not,
Exalted by others is what he got.
There were powerful captors in his great land,
And some envious and jealous in his own band.
He made a triumphant entry to the appointed place,
Where the crowd stretched for miles with joy in their face.
Soon sinister whispers were spoken behind his back,
His old friends would betray him for the courage they did lack.
The cowards told the officials a quick death for him should be,
And the official cleaned his hands of all the blood only he could see.
Arrested before thousands, but some thought he could never die,
In the crowd some shouted in anger while others began to cry.
Then the captors marched him off to his fate, that he already knew,
For speaking so few words, but always they were true.
Crazy Horse knew who would betray him and he knew how he would die,
Then his white horse took him on the star road, to join the immortals in the sky!
Ta'sunke Witko
music: Exodus