My heart was ripped out of  my chest,
A year ago today.
There was an act, an evil deed,
That has taken you away.
A girl will grow without a dad,
A boy without his mother,
The pain is great, for we have lost,
A sister and a brother.
A nation mourns because this act,
Was directed at their land,
But we have lost oh so much more,
The one that held our hand.
Yes you are sad and you feel bad,
For what was done that day,
But as for me I have such pain,
My heart was ripped away.
So flags will fly and some will cry,
On nine one one each year,
But I will cry everyday,
For my loved one is not here.
I understand you love this land,
I love this nation too,
But the loss for me is personal,
That's the reason I'm so blue.
So on that day kneel down and pray,
For the soul that is now gone,
But the rest of the year pray for those still here,
For my pain lasts all year long.

music: Patriotic Medley