While driving down a street one day,
I saw an apple tree,
I wondered what it just might say,
If it could talk to me.
"I'm just a lonely apple tree,
That's what I am today,
Because most of the other trees,
Have now all gone away.
Here was once an orchard,
The best for miles around,
And people came to see us,
From every little town.
So many people came here,
And picked our apples bright,
They came in early morning,
And stayed till almost night.
The parents talked to each other,
It helped to pass the day,
While children jumped and ran,
And laughed as they would play.
Large baskets full of apples,
Were taken back to town,
And not a single apple,
Was left to hit the ground.
Then time passed all to quickly,
Less people came each year,
They filled up fewer baskets,
And left some apples here.
As we grew old some people,
Came to cut some trees,
And others just fell over,
When there was a stiff breeze.
Now our numbers are so few,
And we're scattered far and wide,
We can barely see each other,
And no people come to our side.
I'm glad you stopped to see me,
And I hope you come again,
You are welcome to my apples,
It's so good to have a friend."
Yes I think that's what he'd tell me,
If he could talk that day,
And I'll stop again to see him,
When next I pass his way.
Apple Tree
music: Cherry Pink Apple Blossom