Silent Eyes

You know that feeling you sometimes get,
That someone is watching you, and yet,
You know that their is no one there,
You look around, the room is bare.
And yet you feel you have been seen,
By some mysterious unseen being.
Perhaps there is a spirit there.
Perhaps to see you unaware.
Eyes that look upon your face,
That see when you will fall from grace.
They look as you climb up so far,
To try to reach a distant star.
They look into your eyes and know,
Just where your soul is going to go.
They see your hurt, your love, your pain,
They see your eyes fill up with rain.
Watching when you smile with glee,
Knowing when you feel happy.
You turn around, you look again,
You know where those eyes must have been.
That feeling has just come....and gone.
You felt a look....but were you wrong?

Written by Poca
10 Jan, 2000

music: Through the Eyes of Love