She built strong walls to keep out the rain,
Tall, strong walls to keep out the pain.
She had been bruised and battered about,
So she built strong walls to keep the hurt out.
She can see many people beyond her wall,
But they do not touch her at all.
The only person she did let in,
Has turned away and is gone again.
Now the wall is patched and strong once more,
No one will touch her like before.
To let someone in would be a mistake,
That is a chance she is afraid to take.
The only thing wrong with this wall has been,
It also keeps all the emptiness in.

Written by Poca
               Powerful Words

I read that words are a powerful thing,
There are words that can make you sing,
Lift you high up in the sky,
Some can even make you fly.
There are some that will make you fall,
Some without a rhyme at all.
Some take your very breath away,
Some are in your heart to stay.
They can build you up, or make you cry,
Perhaps even make you wonder why.
But the most powerful words I can recall,
Are the ones never spoken at all.

Written by Poca
music: Another Brick in the Wall-part 2