There once was a boy,
So big and so tall,
Who picked on his sister,
So young and so small.
Anything to be mean,
Well that's what he did,
Then he'd laugh and he'd point,
And call her a dumb kid.
In this town was a place,
Castle Rock was it's name,
It was large, it was tall,
There all tourists came.
But behind an aunts house,
And all covered with trees,
Was a great big tall bluff,
And there, hidden with ease,
Was a rock shaped the same,
Tho much smaller it be,
Little sister would climb,
Sit where no one could see.
But he knew of her rock,
Room for one, don't you see,
So he sat there and waited,
By a chokecherry tree.
He had taken her cake,
Creamy filling within,
As he sat there to wait,
On his face was a grin.
As he sat in her place,
Munched chokecherries with glee,
He would wait for the cake,
Cause he wanted her to see.
Washed them down with orange pop,
He had bought at the store,
Just a swallow of pop,
Then a few chokecherries more.
At last she arrived,
He wouldn't let her climb there,
Then he gobbled her cake,
While she gave him a glare.
But the cake did not mix,
With the chokecherries right,
And with pop in there too,
He would be sick all night.
Little sister was glad,
And she laughed out with glee,
Then she thanked Mother Nature,
For this chokecherry tree.
music: Charlie Brown