How can I say with only words,
What fills me to the top,
A love so deep, it only grows,
It does not seem to stop.

When I see you I feel such joy,
You make me feel so proud,
For I am yours and what I feel,
Words can not say out loud.

For me you give the best you have,
You care from deep within,
Oh how to say the things I feel,
I know not where to begin.

My life has changed since first we met,
Is rich beyond compare,
For you brought forth such precious things,
That once were hidden there.

Our lives entwined forever more,
Tho near or far apart,
I'm proud of you, the world should know,
You'll always have my heart.

I look around wide eyed to see,
The gifts from God above,
Such wondrous gifts in this great world,
Plus He gave me You to love!
My Love
music: And I Love You So