Thinking back to yesterday,
Well perhaps a few days more,
When a friend of mine had candy,
Not bought at the store.
Saturday night was card night,
When we three gals had fun,
We would talk and laugh and play cards,
Till the coming of the sun.
I'm not the oldest or the youngest,
Woman of the three,
Yet we all had things in common,
As we sipped our strong, hot tea.
Some people have traditions,
Some things they always do,
The same thing every Christmas,
Perhaps you have some too.
I knew Mary's office party,
Was coming up real soon,
And her home made candy,
Always made them swoon.
I never cared for chocolate,
Some people just adore it,
I had always thought it's the reason,
For their home made candy fit.
But on just one occasion,
As we began to play,
Mary opened up her fridge,
And then pulled out a tray.
She said "Please try my candy.",
As she held them out toward me,
Just marble shaped chocolate,
Is all that I could see.
So I took one and I thanked her,
And I put it on my tongue,
Then I picked up my card hand,
As our game had now begun.
The chocolate melted slowly,
And it's soft center I could taste,
I couldn't spit it out,
That would be a big disgrace.
But the startled look on my face,
Was something I could not hide,
And they began to chuckle,
Then they laughed until they cried.
The rest of the night they teased me,
And for many years to come,
About the night I had some candy,
Filled with lots of rum!
Dedicated to my good friend Boo, in rememberance of her loving Mother.
music: Sweet Like Chocolate