Wolves Of Winter

Wolves of winter brings to mind,
When it's a lean and hungry time.
Rabbits look for twigs to eat,
As snow covered clover lies below their feet.
A partridge seeks a bush that is high,
To look for seeds snow free and dry.
The squirrel has a cache below the snow so deep,
He digs as he looks for something to eat.
Deer eat tree bark to stay alive,
Or some pine needles hoping to survive.
Summers bounty has ended with the winter snow,
Hunger and poor footing makes it hard to go.
As winter trudges on most become lean,
All but one some see as mean.
For the time of the wolf is now at hand,
He will survive the best that he can.
To keep herds healthy, take the sick ones away,
This is what he is charged with each day.
Not a monster nor a villain is he,
He is what nature said he will be,
A physician of sorts in natures plan,
To keep animals healthy the best that he can.
When winter shows the lame and the sick,
The wolves try to make their parting quick.
The strong and healthy will see spring each year,
All because the wolves of winter are here.

Written by Poca
music: Deep Forest