music:Alley Cat
                     A Cat

I don't remember much of before I came here,
Just being cold, lonely, and full of fear.
A man picked me up and brought me inside,
He would hold me and pet me and talk when I cried.
This place is my world now, inside this house,
I play chase with the man, and with a toy mouse.
He says that he owns me and on his lap I should stay,
So I jump to the floor and slowly walk away.
He calls me to come, and I turn my head,
When he lays down to sleep I jump off of the bed.
Most days he just sleeps or goes out of the door,
While I am left here curled up on the floor.
But he says that he owns me, that I am his cat,
Well I don't belong to him, everybody knows that.
For there is another that lives in this house,
And she never chases or throws me a mouse.
She gives me my food and brushes my hair,
I like to curl up and sleep under her chair.
She feeds all the birds and something she calls deer,
Then she picks me up and we watch them come here.
She never yells at me, just gives me a pat,
And I must admit that I sure do like that.
She sings to me softly when no one is here,
Only I feel her laughter, her joy, and her fear.
When she goes to sleep I jump up on the bed,
Right next to her is where I lay my head.
Yes I have a good life and I must admit,
I like pouncing and preening to keep myself fit.
I do as I please in this house that is mine,
For I am a CAT  and I like that just fine

Written by Poca