Out in  my yard is opening now,
A big white rose I see,
It smells so sweet this blossom,
And it was bought for me.
A lad back in Virginia,
Seventeen seventy-five was the year,
Answered the call so bravely,
And paid the price so dear.
Again in nineteen fourteen,
A lake was bought for me,
And then in nineteen forth-one,
Great Pearl paid for a tree.
In nineteen sixty-five,
Midst a jungle far away,
So many paid so dearly,
For me to sing and pray.
Again in two thousand one,
A payment had to be met,
And now in a far away desert,
A payment will be paid yet.
Freedom is only rented,
And when a payment is due,
Someone has to pay it,
Pay it for me and for you.
Some must leave home to pay it,
While others pay by staying here,
It's paid so you can speak freely,
And for some the cost is quite dear.
Once paid you can give your opinion,
And to do that is all good and fine,
But do not take it any further,
By going to the enemy of mine.
So remember this George, and Barbara,
Alec, Sean, Julia, and Cher too,
For the label of traitor last long,
Just ask Hanoi Jane, she'll tell you.
The next time you look at Old Glory,
Remember it waves at a cost,
God Bless all who must pay it,
Without them our freedom is lost.
So the next time you see a rose,
See a lake, rake a leaf, have your say,
Thank God that you have all this freedom,
And May God Bless America today!
Rent Due
music: Patriot Medley2