Spring melt pushes water over the banks,
Until the pond is double it's norm,
Early flowers are blooming nearby,
That's when I start to watch for their form.

One morning early they drop from the sky,
Two Mallards, a he and a she,
They quack and they swim as they settle in,
Then they start to come right up toward me.

Year after year they have come here,
And some corn they would like to eat,
So I hurry outside with a big bag of corn,
To give them their favorite treat.

They swim and they play every day,
With a stop at the corn and then rest,
When their nap is done they will swim just for fun,
He thinks his lady is the best.

One morning it is he, alone as can be,
His lady is no where to be seen,
But late in the day he has gone away,
And there is the lady to preen.

A quick bath and some food,
Then she goes back to their nest,
Brown and quiet she will stay hidden,
Bright o'er the pond he is best.

I watch and I wait for the day when I see,
On my pond a few ducklings all quacking,
They will eat and get big like their mom and dad,
Until fall temperatures send them all packing.
music: Hartland