To the ocean shore in South America,
I flew when I was but one,
To practice fishing and flying,
When my life had just begun.
Now a mate will fly back with me,
When we are only three,
She will fly here to this area,
Not far from my birth eyrie.
A few miles past my parents,
We find a large, tall tree,
Where we place lots of sticks,
My life long mate and me.
My specialty is my fishing,
With short sharp spines upon my feet,
My outer toe is reversible,
Razor sharp talons make me complete.
As she waits upon our nest,
Fishing is where I go,
I hover in mid air,
As I see my pray down below.
Feet first I hit the water,
From fifty feet above,
This slippery fish is in my talons,
And this one is for my love.
I hold this fish so tightly,
And call a special call,
Climbing to a thousand feet,
I must circle before I fall.
I move in sweeping circles,
Getting ever closer to the nest,
Then I dive down toward my mate,
Still calling that I'm the best.
I pull up at the last minute,
To repeat this several times,
But the last time I will land,
Presenting her this fish of mine.
After we have mated,
Three eggs a reddish brown,
Will give us three small children,
All covered with new soft down.
My mate will stay here with them,
I will bring them fish to eat,
Till their time to try their fishing,
And our parenting is complete.
Each winter we will migrate,
And return back here each spring,
To add a few sticks then lay eggs,
Raise our family till they take wing,.
For twenty-five years or more,
Our good life will be the same,
For we are beautiful raptors,
And Osprey is our name.
music: Tranquil Serenity