Sometimes something will remind me,
Of the days when I was very small,
And I spent a lot of my time,
At my most favorite place of them all.

A car ride, then a big ferry boat,
Toward Evergreen Shores and then,
Find an old black two story house,
Where my summer would finally begin.

Seeming to know I was there,
Great Gram would be there in my sight,
Giving me a great big bear hug,
I'd hug back with all of my might.

I could bring in some wood for her stove,
Where she taught me to cook food so grand,
And when I would have trouble, you know,
She would smile and then give me a hand.

I could walk a few yards to the lake,
Skip stones or watch waves lap the shore,
Look at butterflies, flowers, or birds,
Run and play with Susie next door.

If it rained there were those two quill baskets,
On the floor by the couch where they sat,
Great Gram let me play with the nice one,
If she needs me well that's where I'm at.

In the kitchen there was but one lightbulb,
Living room had a radio and a light,
But upstairs was a kerosene lamp,
And a huge feather bed for the night.

In the kitchen sink there was a faucet,
Water clear, cold and good in your glass,
In the backroom a wash tub and scrub board,
The backyard had a path through the grass.

There were so many things that she taught me,
As I grew and did things on my own,
I just thought she would always be with me,
Never thinking she would leave me alone.

She had raised two generations before me,
Perhaps she knew I was the end,
And I cried oh so hard when she left me,
My heart broke and it never will mend.

Now sometimes I sit and remember,
Of her laugh and her words and her way,
And I know she will always be with me,
Here inside until my dying day.
Great Gram
music: Grandmas Feather Bed