He's up early to be on his way,
It looks like a beautiful day to play.
He jumps into his clothes and is out the door,
He looks at his Harley just once more.
Before him is a cycle so grand,
Put together with his own loving hand.
Today is the test for the work he has done,
He will go for a ride, just a day in the sun.
He gets on, gives a kick, and then turns his ear,
Listening close, then he smiles, it sounds good from here.
So he's off down the road, headed straight west,
He will ride till the sun sets, this will be a good test.
With the sun on his back and the wind in his hair,
He is happy to leave the big city back there.
This feeling of freedom fills him with glee,
And he thinks to himself, "just my Harley and me".
The day goes so quickly as he zips along,
It's a wonderful day, in his heart is a song.
This is the reason he worked many nights,
To fix up this Harley, to fix it just right.
For the days yet to come and the wind yet to be,
His Harley will give him this feeling so free.

Written by Poca
music: Leader of the Pack