Beach Sand
I think it's been six years and more,
I watched warm water caress the shore,
Beach sand would sparkle oh so bright,
It would even shine with the moons night light,
Then one day it occurred to me,
The water didn't flow where it used to be,
Slowly it was moving away from this shore,
Just not going where it did before,
For those that know not it looked just the same,
No one could tell where at one time it came.
But beach knew the difference for the sand didn't glow,
Yes I could see that the beach sure did know,
The sun brought no sparkle to the sand in the day,
At night it was dark and moon beams didn't stay,
If the grass keeps growing on it's way to the shore,
Soon there will be no beach sand anymore,
I can still here warm water as it flows along,
But for this stretch of sand now there is no song,
The music that was made when a wave caressed the shore,
This lonely beach will not hear anymore,
But I will remember that for six years or so,
Loved and caressed by the waters flow,
Beach sand was happy and sparkled like new,
The beach will remember and I will too.
Music: Love Letters In The Sand