Domanick was not a computer geek. He was just a factory worker in a large city. He had been a factory worker for the last 10 years. But he did have a computer and he could even turn it on. He chatted in a few chat rooms, and looked stuff up on the computer. But mostly he played games on it. That was about all the computer was good for as far as he was concerned.
     When he was in a chat room he called himself domino-man. He had thought that up himself and thought it was funny. Just a little play on his name to satisfy those that thought you should never give your name out on a computer. Most of the chat rooms were ok, with a few nice people and a few jerks. They were all about the same.
     Then one day he saw a new name in one of the chat rooms.  This name just seemed to reach out to him. Red Rover seemed like an old name to him. Yet the person using it talked young. Well at least about his age. He started to talk to the lady using that name.  Several times a week they would meet in the chat room and talk. They became good chat room friends.
     For the last two years domino-man and Red Rover talked on the computer and were good friends. They had learned a lot about each in this time. Domanick had learned that Red Rover's granddad had started to call her Red Rover when she was a little girl. She had red hair and always tried to wander off. Granddad had to call her back all the time. So she had been Red Rover from the time she started to walk.  Well to her Granddad anyway.
     He also learned that she was only a year younger than he was. She liked some of the same things,  watched some of the same tv programs, and even played the same card games.  He had grown fond of her. He also knew she was fond of him. He could just feel it. He just knew it in his heart.
     One day he bought one of those big web cams. Took it home and hooked it up. He only had to make two tries to get it hooked up correctly. But finally it was working. When Red Rover came online he told her to ok his web cam video and she could see what he really looked like.  She clicked the ok when the request came in, and there he was.  This little square in the corner of her screen had a picture of domano-man as he smiled for her.
     She told him he was just as she thought he would be. They grew even closer. Finally he realized that he was falling in love with a person he had never really seen. She had seen him and she still talked to him and seemed to like him even more. So it didn't really matter to him what she was on the outside.  He knew her inside and that was really all that mattered.
     For the next six months they kept talking and he kept sending his cam pictures to her. Then the cam fell off onto the floor.  He must not have had it fastened tight enough.  It broke into several big pieces and some tiny ones too.  He picked up the big pieces and put them in a box. He swept the rest up and tossed it into the trash ben.
     Red Rover didn't say anything about there being no cam picture of him. They talked for several weeks. Then one day she ask why he stopped sending the cam pictures.  When he told her that the web cam had fallen and broken, she seemed so disappointed. He decided he would try to fix it.
     The next day he took the big pieces he had saved and tried to put them back together. Not knowing anything about computer parts, he really didn't know what he was doing.  But he had to try.
Wondering Thoughts
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