Rules of Poetry
   for Healing
The ocean whispers
The young bird sings in soft rain
The leaves drift and fall
Snowflakes flitter to the ground
Life's music is poetry

--K. D. Bertrand
1. Poetry does not have to rhyme.
2. Poetry should use strong images and strong      language.
3. Poetry should include feelings without              condemning them or excusing them.
4. Poetry should be honest and genuine.
5. Poetry does not have to include complete          sentences and should not be in prose.
6. Poetry can be in structured poems such as the   haiku, the tanka, the cinquain, the sonnet or          can be in free verse.
I am a tree
Whose branches
Reach for the stars,
And whose roots are
Planted in the soil
Of my beginnings.
I am a tree, solid and strong
During the storms of life,
Growing taller through my tears
And blossoming in the sunshine
Of life.
--K. D. Bertrand
Food for thought: 
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you've imagined."   -- H. D. Thoreau
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