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    It's that time again!
When the leaves change from the ripe greens to the deep, brilliant shades of auburn, crimson, and vermillion...right before they begin their downward dance towards the earth.
It's when the temperatures begin to drop and the cool zephyrs of fall swirl and twirl the leaves, joining in on the autumn tango.
The horses feel it too.  They feel it deep within their souls.  They known that fall is upon us--they know what it means.
It is time for the Champions to step up and for the Legends to be made.  It is time for triumph, for heartbreak, for victory, for loss, for joy, for sorrow, for celebration, and for defeat.
It is time for the Breeder's Cup.

The Works gives in-depth information on all of Mystical Oasis Farms' competitors in this year's World Thoroughbred Championships Breeder's Cup.

Qualified for Team MOF are:

/\ Broken Heart, Distaff
/\ 4th Tornado, Distaff
/\ Run, Distaff
/\ Assassin, Juvenile Fillies
/\ Noodles, Juvenile Fillies
/\ WS Point Venuti, Mile
/\ Riptide, Juvenile Filly Turf
/\ First Valor, Juvenile Filly Turf
/\ Hip Hop Be Bop, Sprint
/\ Modus Operandi, Filly & Mare Turf
/\ Sorceress Of Lorien, Filly & Mare Turf
/\ Caesar, Juvenile Turf
/\ Subrosa, Juvenile Turf
/\ Demeslagkmsdreo, Juvenile
/\ MF Point Given, Turf
/\ B.G. Dyce, Turf
/\ All Rhythm No Blues, Classic
/\ Incident At Belmont, Classic
/\ Miss Drama Queen, Steeplechase

20 horses are representing MOF in this year's Breeder's Cup in 11 different races.
- 14 of them are fillies, 6 of them are colts.
- 11 of them are on the turf, 9 of them are on the dirt.


Today was a pretty good day overall.  Everything was fairly calm, and all the horses performed at least as well as expected, some did even better.  They're all looking like they're on the right track for the BC at this point.

Dyce's work was a bit on the dullish side--she went 6 furlongs in 1:10 flat. But we still got what we wanted out of her, which was just an easy tune-up after the Superhorse.

Riptide drilled a bullet 4 furlongs in :45 flat.  Nothing new there.

MF Point Given ran his usual screwing around work, jumping the turn and galloping along, pulling at his head.  We didn't even bother timing it.

Hip Hop Be Bop worked 4 furlongs in :46 2/5. She looked rather professional, although it could have been because she went right after PG.

Modus Operandi drilled 5 furlongs in :54 1/5, which is unusual for her.  She doesn't usually turn in anything but moderate breezes.

Noodles galloped out an easy mile in 1:36 2/5.  She looked very calm and relaxed out there.

Incident At Belmont galloped out a mile in 1:35 4/5, which was about two ticks faster than we wanted out of him.  He was determined to drill Noodles into the ground.

Caesar breezed 6 furlongs in 1:10 2/5.  We ran her out of the gate, but she didn't like it. She balked horribly going in.

Miss Drama Queen galloped out a mile in 1:36 4/5. She was a little uneasy, because we worked her on the dirt track instead of the turf.

Today was insane.  I think the horses all got together and plotted against us...trying to see just how much havoc they could wreck in a four hour time frame.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured.  Although, there are a few people that threatened to leave due to the large number of "mentally unstable horses." I just can't imagine what they're referring to.

All Rhythm No Blues galloped out a mile and a sixteenth easily in 1:44 1/5.  She looked very relaxed. In fact, after her gallop, she stopped in the middle of the track, laid down, and proceeded to roll, causing her rider to leap off before she was flattened.

4th Tornado worked 5 furlongs in :55 2/5.  This was after she reached over and took a large chunk of mane out of her work pony.

Broken Heart actually gave us a bit of a spook this morning.  She was galloping out 6 furlongs, when something startled the flighty filly.  She jumped sideways into the inside rail, unseating her rider and cutting herself up a bit.  Luckily, everything was very minor and she'll be able to return to work in two days.

Subrosa worked 4 furlongs in :46 flat, which was incredibly fast for him--he's always lazy in the mornings.  He certaintly wasn't too lazy when he got loose from his exercise rider and took off cantering down the track, wild and free.

First Valor galloped out 6 furlongs in an easy 1:10 1/5. She looked very solid out there.

Assassin put in her typical bullet work, 5 furlongs in :54 1/5.

Run worked 6 furlongs in 1:09 2/5.  She worked out of the gate and gave us a bit of a fit about going in, but afterwards, it was all professional.  She doesn't like the gate at all, she's very claustrophobic.

WS Point Venuti galloped out 6 furlongs in 1:10 flat, which was a little dull for him.  He made up for it during his bath, when he grabbed the water hose and chased his groom around.

Demeslagksmsdreo idolizes PG, so today he decides that he's going to rear up a few times and try to unseat his exersize rider.  Then he gallops sideways down the track and jumps the corner.  We didn't even pull out the stopwatch.

Sorceress Of Lorien bit her groom. Then she came out and drilled a bullet 6 furlongs in 1:08 flat.  Apparently he had called her fat, and she was quite ill about it.


After the mess yesterday, we called off all works for today.  Everyone simply had a few nice easy trots and canters around the track to loosen up, and then they all went straight out to the pastures for a couple hours of quality free time to work out some of their kinks.


I had a nice, long talk with all of the horses this morning, and they assured me that there would be no crazy hijinks in today's workouts. They all kept their promise, thankfully, and today was relatively calm. Everyone put in pretty decent works and we look to be back on track for the BC.

Dyce galloped out a mile in 1:36 1/5. It was one of her better looking performances in the past couple of weeks.

Riptide galloped out an easy mile, going in 1:36 2/5. She looks as sharp as ever.

MF Point Given finally put in a half-decent work, going 6 furlongs in 1:09 1/5. He only reared once, too. Quite impressive.

Hip Hop Be Bop worked a sharp 3 furlongs in :35 flat. She was alert and agressive, but she didn't overdo it, and she galloped out nicely.

Modus Operandi galloped out well, going a mile and an eighth in 1:50 4/5.

Noodles took a break from the hard works. She just had a few trots and canters around the track to keep her loose

Incident At Belmont worked 6 furlongs in 1:10 4/5. Which unlike Thursday, he went *slower* than we wanted. I'm not sure what he's playing at, but I don't like it too much.

Caesar galloped a mile in 1:36 flat. She did much better when she didn't have to leave from the gate.

Miss Drama Queen worked 7 furlongs in 1:21 2/5.


Another pretty solid day for Team MOF. Much better than Friday, at least. All of the horses look good 11 days out.


All Rhythm No Blues put the pedal to metal today. She worked 6 furlongs in a bullet 1:08 2/5.

4th Tornado galloped out a mile in 1:37 flat. She relaxed well and was much calmer, so we're happy with it.

Broken Heart is taking an extra day on hiatus just to make sure that she's okay. She did got out for a couple of light trots and canters around the track, just to keep her loose.

Subrosa put in another agressive work, galloping out 7 furlongs in 1:21 2/5.

First Valor worked 4 furlongs in :46 2/5. She still looks pretty solid out there.

Assassin galloped out a mile and a sixteenth in 1:44 2/5. Professional as ever.

Run worked just out the gate, and she relaxed a hair about it, but not a great amount.

WS Point Venuti worked with blinkers on at 6 furlongs. He went 1:09 4/5 and was a bit more focused today.

Demeslagksmsdreo got the blinkers on and worked 5 furlongs in :57 3/5. Much better looking performance for him today.

Sorceress Of Lorien galloped out a mile in 1:36 1/5. She's working very nicely, a little agressive, but hopefully she'll settle a bit.

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