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Welcome to Point of Truth a site dedicated to examining the events of our time.  Material provided on this site may at times be controversial and is not necessarily endorced by this site.  Our approach is simply to provide the reader a means to research and examine available information allowing them to draw their own conclusion.  All information posted in gathered from public domain sources available on the World Wide Web and is protected speach under the U.S. Constitution. 
Their are few events that have marked our nation like the tragedy that took place at Waco, Tx.  On April 19, 1993 a horrible fire ended a 51 day standoff between the Federal Government and a small religious group called the Branch Dividians.  When it was all over some 74 total lives perished including many children and women.  While their are many sites dedicated already to the examination of the governments roll in this tragety.  This site will present one of the individual players in the tragety. 

Rick Ross, self proclaimed cult deprogrammer acted as a consultant to the FBI during the seige. Presented to the reader is information concerning the roll he played, his minset and motivation along with other information.  The question we need to ask is "Did Rick Ross's roll help or contribute to the tragety of Waco Texas?"  It's up to you the reader to decide!
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