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Last updated: Jun/25/2004.

This site has been created for the "Pokemon GameBoy" fans. It contains some FAQs for the Pokemon GameBoy System, with other info & stuff. I should also thank and mention that other people, from whom I downloaded from their sites, made the documents you’ll find here. You can see the author and the site’s address on the respective document. All the "Saved-Game" files where made by me, except for the "Pinball" file.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so as long as you don’t send question like "How do I...?" and stuff like that, because these kind of questions are often answered in the guides on this site, just take a little time to read them. Also, don’t send me E-mails if you didn’t understand something. I’m sorry for this, but on contrary of what most of you think, I have a life, and I don’t have much time to answer or read E-mails like before. Any other kind of E-mails, like suggestions are always welcome. My E-mail is:

And about the Downloads, if you want to download from this site I strongly recommend you to use a "Download Manager" that supports resuming. Because some people have been reporting that some times they had problems when trying to download something, this is surely due to the server.

FAQs, Walkthrough, Guides, Etc:
Pokemon FAQ Red & Blue v5.8
Pokemon FAQ Red & Blue v1.0
Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition Guide v2.0
"Pokemon Crystal" Unown Mystery
Pokemon Red & Blue Gameshark Codes
Pokemon Yellow Gameshark Codes
Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow Gameshark Codes
Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal Gameshark Codes Guide v3.82
Pokemon "Trading Card Game" Gameshark Codes

Saved-Game Files:
Pokemon CRYSTAL US pokecrystal.sav
19.00 KB Available Girl player:
Full 251 pokédex. Unown-dex A to Z, Johto & Kanto map completed, Buena’s phone. A shiny Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres owned.
Max money that you and your Mom have.
Pokemon CRYSTAL US pokecrystal.sav
19.62 KB Available Girl player:
Full 251 pokédex. Unown-dex A to Z, Johto map completed, Buena’s phone.
Pokemon GOLD US pokegold.sav
20.14 KB Available Full 251 pokédex, a shiny Celebi, Mew and Mewtwo owned. Johto & Kanto map completed.
Pokemon SILVER US pokesilver.sav
17.90 KB Available Full 251 pokédex. a shiny Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei and Suicune owned. Johto map completed.
Pokemon YELLOW US pokeyellow.sav
13.56 KB Available Full 151 pokedex, Surfing Pikachu.
Pokemon BLUE US pokeblue.sav
18.96 KB Available Full 151 pokedex.
Pokemon RED US pokered.sav
20.00 KB Available Full 151 pokedex.
Pokemon TRADING CARD GAME US tcg.sav
12.58 KB Available 8 master medals,
228 cards,
10 of each Phantom cards MEW lv15 & VENUSAUR lv64.
Pokemon TRADING CARD GAME US tcg.sav
15.05 KB Available 8 master medals,
226 cards,
2 of each Promotional card.
Pokemon PINBALL & RUMBLE US PokePinball.sav 0.67 KB Available Full 151 Pokedex including MEW.

The "Saved-Game" files above and the tools below have been tested and are sure to work in the way that it is specified

You’ll need the respective ROMS to be able to play the ".SAV" files. You’ll also need a emulator such as REW to play the ROMS. (NOTE: You won’t be able to play the ".st0" save files if you don’t use REW)

Here is a little guide of mine that will try to teach you how to use the saved-game files and how to get them to work (I suggest you read this if you are having trouble when trying to play my Saved-Game files):
How Do I Use The Saved-Game Files?

Emulators & Miscellaneous:
REW Emulator Operating System: Windows
REW will let you play both, ".st0" & ".sav" saved game files, but it
doesn't accept GameShark nor GameGinie codes.
VGB v1.6r Emulator Operating System: Windows
VGB (Virtual Game Boy) Allows you to enter GameShark and GameGinie codes, but It can't play the ".st0" saved-game files, so use the ".sav" files instead.
(NOTE: This version of "VGB" doesn't play the "Pokemon Crystal" Rom very well.)
Pokemon Blue Savegame Editor v1.0 Saved Game Editor Operating System: Windows
This little application allows you to edit a lot of things in the pokemon world by editing your "Saved Game" files.
Note: Only works for editing ".sav" files of the Red and Blue versions

Links to Pokémon Roms, Emulation, Etc:
You don’t have any Roms or want more Emulators??? Don’t worry, I know three great
places were you can get 'em and other cool stuff: All Pokémon Roms for the Gameboy + hundreds of other Roms for GB and GBA + Emulators, Tools, etc. All Pokémon Roms for the Gameboy, and even for the Gameboy Advance. Pokémon Roms for Gameboy + the "NO$GMB" emulator + some other stuff.
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