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Welcome, friends, to my website.

After many weeks of contemplation, I have decided to Update!  Lo how the angel do sing at this miracle of the modern day! Oh JOY!  Oh JOY! 

No, seriously, updating this place is a big thing for me, because it involves fighting with the Geocities FTP, which is hell.  Anyway, I've made some slight alterations….

Alda and Uusk now both have their own e-mail addresses so you can e-mail they seperately to me, which should cut down the junk in my inbox….

I've updated the links to include my favourite club (hope you like it HellNataku!- I mean every word!), and also my favourite underground comic, Fetus-X (thank you for tolerating my weird e-mails, dudes@fetusx.com). 

I've added a page about me, so you can all find out exactly why this page is so odd, and take a look-see into my strange world.  Not that I recommend that for anyone who counts themselves as sane…. ^_-

Well, that's it for now,

Enjoy! ^_^

THE LINKS…. All the sites I think are worth checking out.  Or  something…..

DRINKING GAME: Think you can hold your liquor?  Try this on for size…...

ALDA'S PAGE: Let our PMS driven Lady Guyver answer all those odd questions, like why DO women watch the Guyver?

BIO PAGE:  The biographies of my two fictional Guyvers.

GUYVER CAST LIST: A list of the voice cast for The Guyver dubbed series.   

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