This image was given to me by the wonderful Lotuse of the Changeling Forums. At last the mystery solved and we can see the full image. No off alignments, missing books, worry of never finishing it, ect. As you can see, the three segments each follows a part of the Immortal Eyes trilogy. Once upon a time Ian must have had great plans for this beyond just a novel and adventure campain. But it's still a niffty picture. Following is the order in which i keep my book to show what there is of the spine picture. The Kithbooks and a few others don't have spine picture bindings, so i'll leave those out. A few of the books also repeat and are offset. But at least now you can see what it's supposed to look like.

Changeling First Edition
Book of Storyteller Secrets (1st ed)
Toybox (supplement)
Freeholds and Hidden Glens
Nobles: The Shining Host
Shadows on the Hill (supplement)
Player's Guide
Court of All Kings (supplement)
Shadow Court
Isle of the Mighty
Book of Lost Dreams
Dreams and Nightmares
Nobless Oblige (Book of Houses I)
Kingdome of WIllows
Storyteller's Guide
Inanimae: The Secret Way
Land of Eight Million Dreams
Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner
Pour L'Amour et Liberte (Book of Houses II)
Denizens of the Dreaming
War in Concordia
Book of Lost Houses: The Second Coming (Book of Houses III)