This is only enough information from the books to help you make a character, and a few of the more common rules to save the STs the grief of saying the same thing over and over again. I *HIGHLY* recommend you buy the Changeling second editon for a better understanding of the game. This is not in depth at all. Your welcome to make a character and try it out. If you find you like it, buy the book and learn more.

Character Creation

Step One: Character Concept
Choose Concept, Court, Legacies, House (if applicable), Seeming, and Kith

Step Two: Select Abilities
Prioritize the three catagories - Physical, Social, Mental.
All start with one point automatically unless otherwise is stated. (7/5/3)

Step Three: Select Attributes
Prioritize the three catagories - Talents, Skills, Knowledges. (13/9/5)

Step Four: Select Advantages
Choose Backgrounds (5), Arts (3), and Realms (5)

Step Five: Finishing Touches
Record your Tempers (Glamour, Willpower, and Banailty) as specified by your Seeming.
Record Kith and House flaws and advantages/birthrights.
Choose Merits and Flaws (7 pts. max for flaws).
Spend Freebie Points (15) and any extra Flaw points.

The Courts

The Seelie Code
  • Death before dishonor
  • Love conquers all
  • Beauty is life
  • Never forget a debt
The Unseelie Code
  • Change is good
  • Glamour is free
  • Honor is a lie
  • Passion before duty

The Legacies

You will pick two legacies. There are not rule, but guides for your character's personality.
One will be your Seelie legacy, the other your Unseelie legacy.
When you act according to you legacy, you gain temporary Willpower.
The dominate one will be whichever court you're character is.

Seelie Legacies
  • Arcadian: Your fae side far outweighs your human side.
  • Aspirant: Life is a learning experiance, always try to improve yourself.
  • Bumpkin: Commoner sence and practical wisdom are best
  • Comrade: You valur friendsship above all other things and strive to prove yourself worthy of other people's trust.
  • Courtier: The social whirl is both a battlefield and a workshop
  • Crafter: You craft joy, with your own two hands
  • Dandy: You crave to be the center of attension
  • Gadfly: You take great pleasure in criticizing things so they can be better.
  • Hermit: Reculsive and forlorn, you avoid the company of others
  • Humanist: The opposite of Arcadian, you are much more attentive to your human concerns.
  • Knight: You follow the old codes of chivalry and seek to aid those in need.
  • Orchid: Better safe than sorry; to be pure is to be unsullied
  • Paladin: Struggle and competion are your meat and drink
  • Panderer: You seek to please
  • Philanthropist: You have a highly defined sense of morality and always strive to do the "right" thing
  • Pishogue: No matter what your current Glamour of banality is, your mind is constantly in a bedlam-like state.
  • Prankster: Though rarely ment to be harmful, you delight in playing all manners of pranks and jokes.
  • Regent: The weight of responsibility rest upon you shoulders
  • Sage: If knowledge is power, the power shared is even better
  • Saint: You feel the pain of the world and yearn to fix it
  • Squire: You are there to serve
  • Stoic: You take the unavoidable sorrows (and joys) of life in stride
  • Trobadour: Life is an art form, love is it's practice
  • Virtuoso: There are few people who can say they have truly mastered a feild, and your one of them.
  • Wayfarer: You wander free and confidant, for the world is your playground

Unseelie Legacies
  • Beast: You must be obeyed
  • Bogle: You are a prankster at heart and do not care who gets hurt as long as you get a good laugh out of it
  • Cerenaic: The persuit of pleasure is your reason for living.
  • Churl: Manners are for wimps, wusses, and mama's boys
  • Craven: Better a live coward than a dead hero, you are a true coward in all aspects of life.
  • Fatalist: Nothing ever makes you happy
  • Fiend: You inflict pain for no reason other than the enjoyment of watching others suffer
  • Fool: Always the clown, you refuse to take anything seriously
  • Fop: You are one of the beautiful people. You know that style beats substance any day of the week.
  • Grotesque: You delight in discusting others
  • Humbug: Grumpy, sour and just plain cranky, nothing ever satisfies you
  • Knave: You like to push others to their limits
  • Outlaw: You take what others work for
  • Pandora: Your curiousity will be your undoing
  • Peacock: You are the most wonderful creature in the world
  • Ragamuffin: The opposite of Fop, you believe that substance is all that matters, and those who pay attension to such trivalities are snobs and beneath you
  • Rake: Your greed can never be satisfied
  • Riddler: The truth is best obscured
  • Rogue: You encourage chaos for your own amusement
  • Savage: Cilization and laws are crutches for the weak
  • Schismatic: You never miss an opportunity to sow disention and discord
  • Shade: The world of darkness has gotten to you. You are a zombie, an emotionless sleepwalker who sees the world in a never ending-horrow show.
  • Sophist: Most people are hungrey for knowledge, and your willing to share yours... for a price. You will rarely back down from an argument, no matter what it takes to convince the fools you know best.
  • Wretch: You are worthless, beneath contempt

The Houses

House Ailil: Masters of Politics and intrigue, This House is known for it's pride.
Boon: -1 difficulty to all Manipulation rolls. Never botch Subterfuge or Politics.
Flaw: They cannot admit they are wrong at almost any cost, and must make a willpower roll difficulty 8 to do so. Afterwards, they are +1 difficulty on all Social rolls until they regain their confidance.

House Balor: Ruthless and Militant, These sidhe who call Formori kin are determined to rise to power.
Boon:Balor take no extra penalties for being in contact or wounded with cold iron. It can still kill their fae soul though.
Flaw: Due to their formori kinship, they all have some disturbing handicap that cannot be fixed by any means.

House Dougal: Practical and Straightforward, House Dougal is known for it's skill with machinery and knowledge of metalwork.
Boon: With their strong will, they can turn temporary glamour into temporay willpower, up to however much their permanent willpower is. This must be done during some taxing excertion, and only once a story (week).
Flaw: All members of this house have some physical handicap they strive to compensate for.

House Eiluned: Mysterious and Wise, House Eiluned is known for it's knowledge of the stars and understanding of glamour.
Boon: All cantrips automatically have one success.
Flaw: Eiluned are attracted to secrets and conspiracies, and as such, are not easily trusted. They must spend a point of willpower to not meddle, and all Social rolls are +1 difficulty.

House Fiona: Adventurous and unpredictable, House Fiona is known for it's passion.
Boon: So great is their courage, they fear nothing for themselves - only for those they love.
Flaw: They will never be satisfied, but will always seek danger and the forbidden.

House Gwydion: Noble and conservative, House Gwydion is known for it's wise and fair rulers.
Boon: With a successful perception + kenning roll, a Gwydion can tell if someone is telling the truth, though Eiluned seem to be immune to this.
Flaw: Their rightious rage is easily envoked. If insulted, dishonored, or wounded (either physically or chimerically) they will fly into a beserker rage during which they ignore all health level penalties until incapacitated.

House Leanhaun: Alluring, graceful, and seductive; Few know the House Leanhaun secret, and they work hard to keep it that way.
Boon:Extra dot in Charisma; all seduction rolls are -1 difficulty and cannot be botched.
Flaw:If Leanhaun does not engage in Rhapsody once a week, they age one year for each week they fail to do so.

House Laim: Brooding and dark, House Laim is known for it's advocacy and guardianship of humanity and its deeply held moral and ethical ideals.
Boon: Difficulty to affect mortals with cantrips or enchantment is -1.
Flaw: Because of their close ties with human, Laim start out with +1 permanent banality, and are concidered Oathbreakers.

House Scatherac: Fierce, silent and deadly are the warriors of House Scatherac
Boon: +1 die to all Brawl and Melee actions, and -1 difficulty to stealth
Flaw: When they enter battle, they will not leave until all have been defeated. Must make a willpower roll difficulty 7 with 3 successes to retreat.
Special Note: House Scartherac do not suffer banality's curse as do most Sidhe. They stayed behind during the interrigum and took on the Changeling Way same as the commoners, and as such reincarnate same as them.
Members of this house are +2 difficulty on all Social interactions with sidhe of all houses except Fiona and Laim.


Childling: (ages 13 and younger) Glamour 5, Willpower 1, Banailty 1
Wilder: (ages 13-24) Glamour 4, Willpower 2, Banality 3
Grump: (ages 24 and older) Glamour 3, Willpower 5, Banality 5