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Subject:3rd update
Date: 06-08-2004
Posted by: webmaster

Update: Sectionals are on Thursdays from 2-5 at Murdock or Tritt. This week's sectional is at Tritt

Subject:2nd update
Date: 05-22-2004
Posted by: webmaster

Update: SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rookie weeks begans Monday. It starts at 9:00 AM and goes till 12:00 PM. New template and shout box. Pictures are comming soon.(when rookie week starts i will get some)

Subject: 1st update
Date: 05-03-2004
Posted by: webmaster

Update:Yes! I was put inchage of the Low Reeds site. I will work on this site. There will be many pictures and other Joyful items placed up here. Counter