About me
My name is Don, I've been living in
Puerto Plata for 15 years.
I'm originally from New York City,
later on moved to Key Largo, FL.
I'm quite familiar with the Dominican Republic, I will be more than happy
to help you in any interest you may
have in this beautiful island.

I do private tours to the mountains,
where you can see and explore
unspoiled rivers not available by the
local tour companies, ride horses or a mule to see scenic mountain trails,
can also show you the beautiful city
of Puerto Plata or any other city or
small village.

I came here 15 years ago on a 7 days vacation, and never left!.

It's really beautiful down here and the local people are so warm, open hearted and friendly.

Welcome to explore The Dominican
Republic, I will be happy to be your