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Kenmore Sewing Machine

Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 148.19372

Jim likes a lot of things about this Kenmore. First, it is an attractive machine. Secondly, it has most features built-in that the average person needs. It sews zig-zag and makes buttonholes. Stitch length and width are regulated by the two large controls. Reverse is obtained by depressing a lever between the knobs. The feed dogs can be raised and lowered using a control on the bed below the knobs. The machine can't be operated until the light is turned on which seems like a nice feature. Its body is all aluminum except for the bottom cover which is plastic.

We don't have the manual for our Kenmore, but threading seems similar to Singers. There are two spool pins but at the time of this writing we haven't figured out why. Our unit is Serial 06240.

Now for a problem we are having with our machine: The knob that controls stitch length has a collar containing a set screw gripping a round shaft. (Sears Part Number 214267) This piece, which is behind the plastic knob, is made of a metal-like substance that has totally deteriorated. It now has the strength and gripping power of a dried sugar cookie and literally crumbles in one's hand. A call to Sears parts and their website both indicate the part is no longer available-Drat! The stitch length is now adjusted (permanently set) using a pair of pliers.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Back Side

The above Kenmore has an internal motor. There are two separate drive belts and a lot of moving parts inside this plain-looking skin. This machine has a free arm with a snap-on bed extension. The extension must be removed to install the bobbin and reveal the free arm. An elongated foot provides stability for free arm sewing.

We paid $10.00 for this good-looking Kenmore 148.19372 and carrying case at Smiley's Flea Market in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Kenmore De Luxe Rotary Sewing Machine

Kenmore De Luxe Rotary sewing machine

We believe that engineers who designed the F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft "The Black Jet" during the 1970s obtained their inspiration from studying the light on this Kenmore. What convinces us of this fact even more is that the machine's model number is 117-551. Coincidence or what?

It has grey crinkle finish (which also resembles the F-117) and we haven't found a good way to clean it. We also haven't had time to actually use this machine so therefore we can't say anything about how it sews. It's just that we have others that have better touchy-feely which we use.

The Kenmore motor drives the handwheel without the use of belts. If we ever decide to use this machine, we will have to first replace the rubber tire on the motor.

There appears to be little difference between this Kenmore and our White De Luxe Rotary machine except the shape of the arm. We suspect they were made by the White company--with a few cosmetic changes--for Sears & Roebuck.

Kenmore Stitch Length Regulator

The stitch length indicator is uncommon but effective.