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You have entered the main page for Yu Yu Hakusho fans. The success of this site depends on your support so I'm counting on you! :D
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  • Adoptions
    You will find my kawaii Yu Yu Hakusho adopted characters inside this section! Check it out!
  • CD Info
    In this section, you will find Yu Yu Hakusho CD information which can help you decide which album you should buy.
  • Chatroom
    For those who wish to interact with other Yu Yu Hakusho / anime fans, this is the best place to be.
  • Fan Arts Section
    In this section, you will find Yu Yu Hakusho / anime arts made by anime fans. If you wish to donate some fan arts, visit this section for more details.
  • Fan Fic Section
    A collection of YYH fan fictions created by fans. If you're interested in donating a fanfic, pls. send it to or
  • Fan List Section
    In this section you will find the list of the names of those who truly admire Yu Yu Hakusho. You too can be included in the list. Just enter this section on how to join.
  • Fan Links Section
    In this section you will find links where you can purchase Yu Yu Hakusho videos.
  • Game Download
    In this page, you can download YYH games ( ROM ) for your PC. Check it out!
  • Message Board
    In this section, you can post a message, comment, or ideas related to Yu Yu Hakusho or any topic. I have changed my msg. board due to the large no. of messages so the messages posted in my old board has been deleted.
  • Voting Section
    In this section, you can vote your favorite Yu Yu Hakusho characters. So what are you waiting for? ^_^ Enter this section to view the winners of the poll!
  • Writers' Desk   new
    A special section for those who want to submit poems, essays, commentaries, or ANY form of literature ( except fanfictions ) that may or may not be related to Yu Yu Hakusho / YYH characters. For those who are interested on submitting their literary works, pls. email them to or

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