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ProvidersNFriends is a list, through yahoo groups, for daycare providers who are committed to providing quality childcare! We offer curriculum ideas and friendships with other providers who are ready to answer all your childcare related questions! This is an open-ended list designed for brainstorming ideas and friendly conversation.

We provide list segments which include Provider Tidbits, Marriage and Relationship Tips, QOTD (Question of the Day)/ Trivia of the Day, Activities, Circle Time Activities, Orginization Tips, Theme Ideas, Thrifty Tips, Recipes, CPSC Recalls, Special Days to Celebrate, Toddler Ideas, Parent Tidbits, Inspirational Quotes, Kid Bits, Health N Saftey Tips, Daily Teases, and Time out 4 Providers,!

We also have 3 sublist called PnF Recipes, PnF Patterns and Worksheets, and Pnf Themes. We share lots of great recipes and curriculum through these wonderful lists!

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Right now, Membership is closed to the public. We are taking new members by referrals of current ProviderNfriends members. We are a friendly bunch and enjoy relaxing and sharing together!

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