The Purple Rose Gang - West!

Purple Rose Gang Update: I am pleased to announce that Countess Karena has accepted the sceptor and crown of Queen for the newly registered RHS chapter, Purple Rose Gang - East (New York). Currently 11 members strong, this chapter and their website will continue to grow and evolve. Be sure to visit often to see the fun they are having.

I have also re-registered my chapter here in Las Vegas, Purple Rose Gang - West. I've recently opened a new chapter here in Las Vegas - Divas Las Vegas. We're small but growing! One of the main reasons I did re-register as a Queen was to participate in the Queens only chapter. It's a great way to get to know others. I also belong to the community's chapter, my friend, Mopsie's chapter and a chapter registered in Virginia. So, I'm constantly busy and meeting new, wonderful women who wear red hats!

Royally yours,
Queen Dee, FQM
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