Packages of PVC Lyons Ltda.
  • We are a company dedicated to the design and preparation of packages of PVC
    for  different products from the Chilean and foreign industry: Articles for merchandising
    home, laboratories of cosmetics and phamacists, great stores, travel agencies, sport industry, textile industry, etc.

  • Our objective is the creation of innovating and exclusive designs for each one of our clients, with the clear vision to find a differentiating element in the products that its company commercializes and to contribute to the success of them in the markets that compete.

  • Our products can be of the type sealed or seamed adding the possibility of locating an accessory them such as clasps, brooch, cords, magnetic tapes, alive of fabric or plastics, etc. Of course, you can locate on them a distinguishing printing of your mark in different colors and different measures. It does not exist limits to create together single. You just have to call  us.

  • We have an ample range of materialis, for example: micas and PVC transparent and colored, in addition with different textures and thicknesses.




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