Coverage of this case in the Romanian press – Ziua de Vest, June 23, 2003 edition

Marin Bot’s coverage can be seen in the original Romanian text format here or the scanned version (first page and main article).  My own English translation can be seen here.  Short comments – Ms. Munteanu from PwC Romania pretends that they have not been provided with proof of the name identity between Ionas Klein and Eugen Klein although this proof has been presented in Court and to them since January 2000as it can be seen here!  This latest objection raised by PwC in February 2003 is part of their campaign to divert the attention from the fact that they actually sold the litigious rights to the house since December 2001 for 1/10 of the actual value!  In an email to Ms. Munteanu, I request an answer, with the current official PwC position with regards to their two illegal transactions, by July 8th, 2003.


Coverage of this case in the Canadian press – Ottawa Sun, Sunday, May 11th, 2003 edition

Journalist’s Tobi Cohen in depth coverage of this case can seen here: first page and second page.



Three strikes against Radu Bufan and PwC Romania in the Romanian press!

  1. Coverage of my case against PwC Romania was initiated today, February 11th, 2003, by one of the largest national newspapers in RomaniaEvenimentul Zilei.  The Romanian version of the article can be seen online or as a scanned version.  You can see the English translation here.
  2. Radu Bufanu accused of intimidation tactics in the liquidation of COMTIM – another coverage on November 8th, 2002, by Evenimentul Zilei which can be seen in the Romanian version here.  English translation here.  It can be said that having been endorsed in his previous bulling tactics by PwC Romania’s management, Radu Bufan uses the same approach in this case as he used with me!
  3. At the same time when intended to sell the judicial rights to the house Mr. Bufan on November 13th, 2001 initiated a lawsuit against a large steel manufacturing plant – Sidex Galati based on a outstanding 1000US$ debt to COMTIM, requesting the initiation of bankruptcy procedures.  The coverage in the newspaper Viata Libera Galati can be seen here.   The next day, Sidex faxes over to COMTIM the proof that it paid the debt two years before, which prompts the liquidator to admit its error.  The question that the reporter asks is “how come the liquidator always errs in the detriment of someone else”?  The second article can be seen here.  English translation of both articles here.


Coverage of COMTIM's liquidation in the Evenimentul Zilei - leading Romanian newspaper

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