The Adult
   This sent Miranda out to the streets. Not knowing anyone other than a few people from school, she had no choice but to ask them if they could offer her a place to stay. They referred her to some people they knew in Detroit. One night while out at the local bar with her new found friends, she ran into a guy that looked somewhat familiar. She couldn't place him, but knew it had to be one of the many people she had come in contact with in the psychiatric center. He spent the night watching her. She caught him looking at her on more than one occassion, but was too shy to really say anything to him. Finally, when she was about to leave, he approached her and introduced himself as Dallas. She started to tell him her name when her friends grabbed her on their way out.

     The next time they went to the bar, Miranda seen him there again and spent all night talking to him. This happened a few more times. Then on the night of her 20th birthday, he asked her if he could take her to a park along the river, insisting that he wanted to treat her to the view as a birthday present. She agreed and eagerly went with him. Dallas gave her a gift that night that would last her forever.
    Once at the river he pulled her close to him and began kissing her passionately. Then he kissed down her jawline to her neck. Before she could protest, or push him away, she felt a sharp, piercing pain for a moment, then collapsed into his arms,
feeling more extacy than she has ever felt before. All she could do was moan in pleasure as her vision blurred and she grew weaker from the blood loss. The last thing she remembered before passing out was the taste of blood in her mouth.

     The next night she woke up with a terrible pain in her stomach. Then she blinked rapidly and looked around, not knowing where she was. It appeared to be a basement of some sort. Then her eyes widened in terror as she realized she wasn't breathing. It was also then that she realized her heart was no longer beating. She hopped to her feet and looked around for a way out. She saw a door and was sprinting towards it; when it opened and Dallas entered, grinning as he seen her.

     At first she didn't know what she should do. Frozen in place by fear. Then she lunged at Dallas, clawing and kicking. He easily got hold of her, and in one last act of defense she bit into his arm. Only instead of withdrawing, she began sucking the wound deeply, something inside her craving the blood. Dallas moaned a moment, but soon found the strength to push her away. The he took her to a couch in the far corner of the room and proceeded to explain to her that she was now a vampire.

     She learned why he had looked so familiar to her. He had been a "patient" at the hospital she had lived at for so long. He told her that he had wanted to take her then, but was unable to, and rambled something about a Prince of some sort, then blew it off, saying he no longer had to worry about him.

    As time passed she learned more about her vampyric abilities, also how to use a firearm with both hands expertly. Dallas belonged to a pack called 'Devil's Disciples'. Miranda learned much from all of them, as they were made up of members from every clan. It was through her association with this pack that she learned the Thaumaturgical Discipline, Lure of Flames, once they all realized she seemed obsessed with fire. Both watching it, as well as starting them.

    After about 40 years of causing chaos and destruction with her pack, (though she was never fully initiated due to her habit of disappearing for months at a time), she formally told them and her Sire she was leaving to find her own way, and would be in touch.....sometime....maybe.....