Pyretta "Pyra" Blaze
* 5' 4", 115 lbs, her hair, black and red, in small thin braids, hanging down to the middle of her back. Green eyes that are always wide in curiosity. Though are most unsettling to look into. ((Eeries Presence Flaw)). Wears dark purple lipstick and dark eyeliner. Dressed in leather pants and a bright, hot pink, tank top. Covering that is a biker leather. A silver rose pinned to the top collar. On the back of the leather is a patch of Type O Negative's Pyromantic symbol on it. Surrounding the patch are letters: Pyretta Blaze.*
Alt Description
* 5' 4", 115 lbs. Her hair is black and red, dyed in alternating strands, hanging straight down her back to about the middle. Her usual braids have been taken out and her hair is surprisingly straight. Her green eyes are lined in black, an intricate Egyptian looking design around each eye. Her lips are a reddish purple, looking kissably soft. On her left ringfinger is a 24 kt gold band with a medium sized diamond on it. Though she seems friendly enough, something about her just seems wrong. ((Eerie Presence Flaw)) She wears a deep purple, velvet dress. Ankle length and long sleeved, gothic in style. On her feet are combat boots. Over the dress is her trademark biker leather. A silver rose pinned to the front collar, and a patch of Type O Negative's  Pyromantic symbol on the back with the words Pyretta Blaze around it.*
The Child.......
......The Adult?
The Pride